Started: since age of 8 in 1977

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Piano

Styles: Jazz, Blues, Funk

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) Sight-Reading for the Contemporary Guitarist Classic Jazz Guitar Styes Theory For The Contemporary Guitarist (DVD)

Recordings: Blues In The Slope (1998) Perspectives (2003)

Gear: Yamaha SA 2200 Gibson M5 CES Gibson- Chet Atkins Acoustic Edge Cabinets Thomastik-Infield Swing Series strings

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar with Tom Dempsey Tom Dempsey's guitar lessons focus on the fundamentals of Jazz guitar. Tom's thorough discussion of scales, interval definitions, positions on the guitar, and fingerings lay the necessary foundation for guitar playing in any style, and for Jazz guitar in particular. For Jazz guitar beginners, Tom covers how to read notes and how to locate notes on the guitar, including major scale in open and 2nd, 5th, 7th and 10th position, introduction to accidentals and key signatures, introduction to triads including diminished and augmented, and open position major and minor triads. He'll explain the cycle of 4ths, the use of target tones, 7th chords, and introduce you to the basic blues progression and the call-and-response technique. In his lessons, Tom emphasizes the development of strong rhythm; four-to-the-bar comping, Charleston rhythm, shuffle comping techniques, and an introduction to clave and basic Bossa Nova. At the intermediate level, you'll study the theory and fingerings for modes and modal improvisation.