Started: At age 12 in 1992

Instruments: Guitar

Styles: Rock,blues,jazz

Recordings: More Then I-Change (2004) More Then I-U (2002)

Gear: Gibson And Fender guitars Marshall And Fender amps Dimarzio pickups Levy's Leathers Straps & gig bags Xotic pedals

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar With Tim Quick Tim Quick has made himself a name on the Indie Rock scene, while he teaches private students and at the National Guitar Workshop. His guitar lessons are ideal for the rock guitar beginner and the intermediate player. Tim will teach you the necessary tools for playing simple Rock solos and accompaniment. At the beginner level, his lessons start with closed position A minor pentatonic, and the pentatonic scale in different keys. To improve your technical and improvisational skills, you'll learn palm-muting techniques, building licks with hammer-ons and pull-offs, and classic licks combining slides and bends. Apply these skills to open-position progressions and to soloing over progressions, and discover more simple concepts for improvisation. The intermediate player will explore triads and soloing with modes and phrases, learn playing triplets, and get introduced to fingerstyle and sweep picking. Tim will show you more arpeggios, movable chords and cool progressions, so you'll be ready to play your own solos.