Instruments: Guitar, piano, vocals

Styles: Folk/rock, fingerstyle/blues

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) Guitar for the Absolute Beginner (Books 1 & 2) Learn to Sing & Play Guitar, Theory the Young Musician (Books 1& 2) Harmony Singing

Recordings: Susan has recorded on several artists cd's

Gear: 1976 Martin D35, 1963 Gibson ES175 1930's National Duolian

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar With Susan Mazer Susan Mazer's guitar lessons are all about acoustic guitar and the styles associated with it. Susan will teach you how to play Country, Fingerstyle, Folk and Rock. The absolute beginner will get tips on how to buy a guitar, how to hold a guitar, tuning, and learn to locate the notes on the 1st string, 2nd string, 3rd string, etc. She will also teach you basic strumming patterns and how to play some well known songs. Beginners will discover chord switching tips, bass-note strumming patterns, alternate picking, pinches, p-i-m-a-m-i Fingerstyle techniques, 12-bar Blues, Slides and Bends, and many more essential topics. Susan also teaches a great deal of songs from our catalog, including "Rocky Mountain High," "Good Riddance," "Horse With No Name" and many other popular songs. Susan's Fingerstyle guitar lessons provide a great foundation for Travis Picking, Arpeggios, and many more advanced Fingerstyle topics so you can learn to play acoustic guitar songs.