Started: Age 15 in 1979

Instruments: Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Styles: Rock, Blues, Country

Recordings: 4 - Head (EP of original material) Stride and Friends: Bah Humbug (Rock instrumental Christmas arrangements) Fresh Blood Volume 1: Six String Extremes (interactive compilation disk with three other guitarists)

Gear: Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Gibson ES-335 Fender Vibro King amplifier Hughes and Kettner Triamp amplifier

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar With Scott A. Smith Bluesman Scott A. Smith's guitar lessons are for beginner and intermediate Blues guitar players. Scott's easy-going personality and clear instruction will make it easy for you to learn all the necessary ingredients that go into playing the Blues. Scott first familiarizes you with the sound of blues-dominant chords, the prevalent chords in Blues. Learn the shuffle pattern, along with triplet and swing eighth notes, which is the basic feel for Blues. In order to be able to play Blues in different keys, Scott will introduce you to transposing, together with the standard I-IV-V progression and the minor I-IV-V progression. Work on your soloing skills with his lesson about solo construction, including kitchen-sink solo construction, bending, trills, forward rake, basic phrasing, and classic riff examples. For intermediate players, Scott discusses 12/8 Blues in C minor, position switching, and combining open and closed position boogie patterns. He'll introduce you to 9th chords, which add an 'uptown' feel to your playing. At last, discover a darker shade of Blue.