Started: Age 13 in 1967

Instruments: Electric and Acoustic guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, mandolin and voice

Styles: Rock

Books Publications: The Jamtrax Jamalong Series (approx 20 titles) The Jamtrax Guitar method (books 1&2) Chord Progressions For Rock Guitar The Original Ted Nugent The Original Richie Sambora The Original Ritchie Blackmore (Tab only) AC/DC Back In Black AC/DC Thunderstruck The Classic Riff Collection Rock Guitar (books 1 thru 6) The Classic Riff Encyclopedia

Recordings: Stories From A Lonely Highway (Mike Dalager) Inside The Light (Katie Agresta) Billy Jacket and The Straightjackets (Producer, Guitarist) Wind Beneath My Wings (solo guitar with Natalie Toro) Numerous sessions and demos

Gear: Gibson Les Paul, Fender Fat Stratocaster and Telecaster electrics, Martin D28 and 00028EC model acoustic guitars. Marshall, Fender and Groove tubes amp