Started: Age 12

Instruments: Guitar

Recordings: Laura Brereton � Leap of Faith (Shouting Hill Records 2005) Remembrance (a tribute to America�s war veterans 2002)

Gear: 30th anniversary custom shop Fender Stratocaster; Steve Andersen Electric Archie custom archtop; Bill Collings OM-1 steel string acoustic; Early 70's silverface Fender Vibrolux; Acoustic Image Clarus 2R head; Roland GI-20 MIDI interface; Raezors Edge stealth 12 cab; Fender Twin '65 reissue; Apple MacBook Pro

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Rock Guitar Songs with Raleigh Green Raleigh's Guitar Song Lessons are for the beginner and intermediate Rock guitar player who wants to learn songs by Green Day, Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin, the Doobie Brothers and the Grateful Dead. He teaches the different parts of the songs including intro, verse, chorus, solo, and interlude. Learn to play "Holiday," "Wake Me Up When September Ends," "Welcome to Paradise," �Communications Breakdown,� Dazed and Confused,� �Long Train Runnin�,� and �Friend of the Devil.�