Started: Age 13 in 1964

Instruments: Guitar, bass, harmonica

Styles: Acoustic, Bluegrass, Rock, Swing, Jazz

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) Beginning Rock Guitar Intermediate Rock Guitar FolkGuitar for Beginners SwingGuitar (Roots Series) BluegrassGuitar (Roots Sseries) Beginning RockGuitar Lead & Rhythm (DVD

Recordings: Whole new ride (1980) Last fair deal II (1990) True tales (2005) Stacy Phillips & Paul Howard (1996)

Gear: Santa Cruz Om acoustic Fender American Strat w/emg's Guild f-50 acoustic EpiphoneCasino electric

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar With Paul Howard Paul's Rock Guitar Lessons are great for beginners. He teaches you essential Rock guitar skills that enable you to start soloing and playing Rock tunes. Paul's Beginner Rock Guitar Lessons start out with strumming syncopation and movable chord forms. You learn major scales which are applied to soloing over a major vamp, and you practice connecting minor pentatonic boxes and the major pentatonic scale, with exercises combining major and minor pentatonic. Paul shows you how to create some typical Rock sounds, such as open pedal tones with power chords and chord embellishments. You can also learn some "must have" guitar techniques, including bending technique, hammer-ons and pull-offs, and combining bending and vibrato.