Started: Age 21 in 1991

Instruments: Guitar, mandolin and bass

Styles: Roots, blues

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) Beginning Fingerstyle Arranging and Technique for Guitar

Recordings: Pitchin' Day (2006) Pat Johnson's Songs From the Town Boredom Built (2003) Musicians For The Millennium- BMA compilation CD (1999

Gear: 000-60 Larrivee Acoustic John Pearse Strings & accessories '97 National Delphi �98 Oskar Graf Custom Acoustic '02 Rickenbacker Mandolin �95 Rickenbacker 360 �89 Gretsch 6120 '74 Gibson SG, early �70s Traynor Guitar Mate '46 Sound Craft Amp Voodoo Labs Pedal Power & Tremolo Pedaltrain board

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar with Pat Johnson Pat Johnson's guitar lessons are for acoustic guitar players at the beginner level. He'll teach you the fundamentals you need for playing easy songs. Learn about chord switching, explore strumming and different strum patterns, discover boom-chick accompaniment style, and practice alternate picking. The lessons about fingerstyle, p-i-m-a arpeggio pattern, slash chords, and pinches round out the basic acoustic guitar playing skills. Learn songs suited for acoustic guitar from Pat: "Buffalo Gals," "Corrina, Corrina," "Careless Love," and "Oh Sinner Man" are some of the songs he teaches.