Started: Age 10 in 1971

Instruments: Electric and acoustic guitar ,mandolin, lap steel, dobro,saz, cumbus, ukulele, banjo, tiple, cavaquino, tres, etc

Styles: Roots, Blues, Acoustic

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) Matt Smiths Chop Shop Iintermediate Blues Guitar Essential Skills- Alternate Tunings Beginning Blues DVD Guitar Technique Encyclopedia Basic Blues Guitar 3 Basic Blues Guitar 4 Technique � Bending Technique -Speed

Recordings: What I Feel For You (2005) Free Beer snd Chicken (2003) Big Fun (2000) Black and White (1998) Delta Radio (1995) Whisper to a Scream (1993) Tanqueray Rocks: Live at the Ritz, NYC (1991) Matt Smith Band (1990)

Gear: Hamer Ovation Takamine Tony Bruno custom amps Genz Benz acoustic amps

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar With Matt Smith Blues veteran Matt Smith has a big bag of tricks and skills that he shares in his guitar lessons. Matt's sense of humor as an entertainer is evident in his Blues guitar lessons too, which are tailored to intermediate and advanced players. In "Chop Shop," Matt delivers a variety of guitar playing skills you want to have under your belt. Intermediate Blues guitar players will learn how to play eight-bar Blues, Blues "in the style of," 4th string root 9th chords, discover the Charleston rhythm, and practice an upbeat shuffle rhythm and advanced boogie patterns, plus learn 6 and 9 chords on the top three strings. At the advanced level, Matt discusses a root 5/6 arpeggio, seventh and minor 7th arpeggios, scales, finger-shifting methods, a Hendrix chord inversion, R&B inversions, and sixteenth-note rhythms. Matt's Chop Shop is the place to learn the tricks you want to have in your gigbag: He'll share valuable tips, such as getting the most out of daily practice, moving one note in a chord, or funky rhythm fills. Learn more about mastering the fretboard, chord-tone approach, rhythms and grooves, and creating chord fills over a minor chord. He'll expand your musical horizon by introducing open D tuning and Travis picking, DADGAD tuning in Celtic and Indian music, slide guitar techniques incl. Hawaiian Slide guitar, and harp scales. Discover the secret Country Blues diagram, and finish the course with "words to live by."