Started: Age 6 in 1979

Styles: Classical

Recordings: Serenade (Independent) Classical Recital CD (Naxos) Mel Bay Presents Martha Masters (DVD) DUO ERATO (Martha Masters & Risa Carlson 2005)

Gear: Simon Marty guitar Savarez strings

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Classical Guitar with Martha Masters Martha's course "Learn to Play Classical Guitar" is for intermediate players. In her lessons, she includes musical examples by great composers, which make practicing and playing fun. Her clear and you-can-do-it teaching style will encourage you to learn to play Classical guitar and take it to the next level. At the intermediate level, Martha discusses basic terminology, positioning and technique. Basic playing techniques for the right and the left hand are explored in the lessons about basic left-hand techniques, rest-strokes and unprepared strokes, free stroke, right-hand thumb, and right-hand string crossing and left-hand shifts combined; these subjects are complemented with chord and arpeggios studies with exercises by J.S. Bach, Diabelli, and Carulli. The lessons explore other techniques, including slurs, tremolo, and thumb rest-stroke, and introduce exercises for right-hand speed development. Martha also teaches how to develop good study habits, an essential lesson for every player.