Started: Age 14 in 1975

Instruments: Guitar, bass

Styles: All styles of music

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) The Big Book of Jazz Guitar Improvisation The Ultimate Guitar Scale Bible Cutting Edge SeriesRock Guitar Styles Cutting Edge Series Blues Guitar Styles Introducing Alternate Tunings for Guitar Blues and Beyond Jazz Fusion Improvisation

Recordings: Trio Loco, Live at the Deep Listening Space 2002 Separated at Birth (Mark Dziuba/Adam Levy) 1998 Son of Kramdon 1996 Up Until Now 1994

Gear: 61' Fender Stratocaster, Two Rockamplifier 50' Vega Duo-Tron 95' Collings 0001

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar With Mark Dziuba Mark Dziuba is an accomplished Blues and Jazz guitar player and a motivating teacher, too. In his guitar lessons, he'll show you the finer points of Blues and Jazz, along with the necessary basics. Mark's Blues guitar lessons at the intermediate level discuss the heart of the shuffle, incl. minor-key shuffle, the eight-bar form in the style of "The Thrill Is Gone," "They Call It Stormy Monday", and 4th-string root 9th chords and the Charleston rhythm. His Jazz guitar lessons, also at the intermediate level, teach you the tools of improvisation. You'll learn major, minor, and dominant arpeggios, and how to play Swing comping patterns. Mark will explain the anatomy of a lick, the use of target tones and neighbor tones, how to harmonize a melody, and diatonic chord extensions. Learn the harmonic minor scale and the melodic minor scale with fingerings, and understand upper and lower neighbor tones and drop 2 voicings. Practice intros, turnarounds, and endings.