Started: Age 16 in 1969

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Harmonica, Banjo, Keyboard

Styles: Blues, contemporary instrumental acoustic, folk

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) Beginning Acoustic Blues Guitar Intermediate Acoustic Blues Guitar Mastering Acoustic Blues Guitar Fingerstyle Technique Builder Beginning Fingerstyle Guitar Intermediate Fingerstyle Guitar Fingerstyle Guitar Encyclopedia

Recordings: Horsin' Around (Live at NGW 2002) Remembrance (a tribute to America's war veterans 2002

Gear: Alvarez Yairi acoustic guitar, Bazzolo acoustic guitar, Hohner harmonicas

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar with Lou Manzi Lou Manzi's guitar lessons are ideal for absolute beginners and intermediate players. If you're completely new to the guitar, Lou will share tips on how to buy a guitar, explain the parts of a guitar and how to tune it. He'll introduce you to chords and chord diagrams and tablature, and he'll teach you some fun licks and explain relative tuning. His introduction to Fingerstyle and the two-note shuffle are essential playing skills. Once you're familiar with the basics of the instrument, Lou will take you to the intermediate level and teach you arpeggiating chords, how to mute strokes and play percussive sounds with a backbeat. Learn barre chords, explore harmonics and new chords, including augmented and diminished chords and adding 7ths. If you want to play songs, learning Travis picking and strumming with no pick are essential skills, and Lou will tell you all about it. After completing Lou's basic lessons, you're ready to improvise using Minor and Major Pentatonic.