Started: Age 13 in 1991

Instruments: Guitar

Styles: Jazz, Rock, Folk

Gear: Gibson Les Paul (classic) Fender Telecaster (52" reissue) Carr acoustic guitar (San Diego Luthier) Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 Combo Amplifier Line 6 DL4 delay modeler Line 6 MM4 Modulation Modeler Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Boss RC-20XL loop pedal Dunlop jazz II picks D'Addario strings Line 6 PODxt Digidesign Pro Tools

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar With Jonathan Barker In his Blues guitar lessons at the advanced level, Jonathan shows you the many possibilities of playing arpeggios and chords. Learn various arpeggios, including the root 4/5/6 arpeggio, the 4th/5th/6th string arpeggio, mixing arpeggio fingerings, and minor arpeggios. He'll apply the arpeggio knowledge to an eight-bar Blues and to modes. You'll practice fingershifting methods through major and minor pentatonics, the construction of an inversion, incl. a Hendrix chord inversion and R&B inversions. Besides the standard 8th-note rhythms, he'll discuss a 16th note rhythm.