Started: Age 11 in 1963

Instruments: Guitar

Styles: Jazz, Fingerstyle, Electronic

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) The Guitar Mode Encyclopedia Beginning Jazz Guitar-Book/CD Intermediate Jazz Guitar-Book/CD Mastering Chord Melody-Book/CD Mastering Jazz Improvisation-Book/CD Jazz Guitar Masterclass (along with Steve Khan, Ron Eschete, Mark Whitfield, Joe Diorio and Scott Henderson) Guitar Chord and Scale Finder Jazz Guitar Christmas-Book/CD Rhythm Guitar Encyclopedia-Book and 2 CDs The 30-Day Guitar Workout- Stand Alone Tracks: Smooth Jazz-Book and CD play-a-long set Jazz Skills-Book/CD Ear Training for the Contemporary Guitarist-Book/CD The Jazz Guitar Lick Encyclopedia-Book/CD Jazz Guitar Harmony- The Art of Solo Guitar, Vol.I--Book/CD The Art of Solo Guitar, Vol.II--Book/CD Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos--Book and CD (along with numerous guitarists/composers)-Mel Bay Publications I Used To Play Guitar-Book/CD Teaching Guitar-Book/CD

Recordings: Old Songs, New Licks (1998) Impromptu (2003)

Gear: Klein electric guitar Acoustic Image Clarus I amplifier Raezor's Edge Stealth 12 cabinet Reverb/Delay

Lesson Text: Learn To Play Guitar With Jody Fisher Jazz guitarist Jody Fisher brings over 40 years of playing and performing experience to WorkshopLive. His guitar lessons are for the intermediate and advanced player, covering a broad range of topics. Jody's calm and spirited teaching style makes understanding Jazz easy and will motivate you to practice and play. Jody's lessons at the intermediate level focus on connecting chords and playing single notes that flow and follow a smooth inner voice movement. He'll discuss major7, minor7, and dominant 7 arpeggios, how to use target notes and upper and lower neighbor tones. Get introduced to drop 2 voicings and practice some endings. You'll also learn swing comping patterns, the harmonizing of a melody, diatonic extensions, construction of the harmonic minor and the melodic minor scale. At the advanced level, you'll learn to play more scales and mode variations and how to connect single notes with chords for solo improvisation. Find these and more topics covered: diminished scales, one-octave to three-octave fingerings for the whole-half diminished scale and the whole-tone scale, diminished chord arpeggios, extended and altered chords, diminished phrases, whole tone phrases, modes of the harmonic minor scale, mode variations incl. Ionian augmented, Dorian #4, Phrygian dominant, inner voice movement, comping with bass lines, walking bass & chords, artificial harmonics, chord melody, improvising and arranging the harmonization of melodies, solo guitar improvisation, and Jazz Blues.