Started: Age 13 in 1981

Instruments: Guitar, Ud, Saz, Balalaika, Bass, Drums, Percussion

Styles: World, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Fol

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) Zen and the Art of Guitar Guitar Atlas � The Middle East

Recordings: Abu Gara � Dry World Groove Jeff Peretz Group � Vitality of Expression Inner Urge � Am I Blue Jay-Z - Fade to Black

Gear: Taylor Acoustic Gibson ES135, Les Paul, ES335, Sukkar Ud Fender Blues Junior Cry Baby Wah Tube Screamer Fender J Bass

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar with Jeff Peretz Jeff's guitar lessons are for the intermediate Rock guitar player who wants to expand his guitar skills and add some new ideas for soloing. Jeff starts out with some basic advice about choosing the right strings and pick, and then examines diatonic intervals, scales and modes, and the natural minor scale. He demonstrates how to play scales staccato and legato, including the minor pentatonic scale. Learn aeolian licks, riffs and runs, arpeggios and some Jimi Hendrix fills.