Started: age 16 in 1986

Styles: pBlues/rock, hard rock, modern acoustic

Books Publications: Remembering the Carl D. Bradley(2004) The Edmund Fitzgerald: 30 Years a Legend (2005)

Recordings: Day By Day (1998) American Son (2003) Sweet Tooth (1999) Big Fat Santa (single 2004) Live concert DVD (2004)

Gear: 2 Modified 1973 Fender Strats Fender American Telecasters Budda Superdrive 30 2x12 combo amp Fender cyber twin 2x12 combo amp Lab Series L9 1x15 combo amp Washburn J28SCE acoustic electric Martin acoustic

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar with Jeff Bihlman Jeff Bihlman's guitar lessons are all about the Blues, geared toward beginners. He'll teach you the basics of Blues so you can play it like a pro. Jeff demonstrates the major scale on one string, explains two-note chords and numbering scale degrees. Learn to play a basic 12-bar Blues using two-note chords or diads, how to mute strings and explore various scales, including the major and minor pentatonic scale, and the Blues scale. Take your newly acquired Blues guitar playing skills and learn to play "Folsom Prison Blues," "Midnight Special," "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling," "America the Beautiful" and other songs taught by Jeff.