Started: Age 9 in 1985

Instruments: Guitar

Styles: Progressive Fusion, neo-classical rock, eclectic funk

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) Strong Foundations for the Beginning Guitarist New Millenium Electric Guitar The Science of Melodic Sequencing Guitar Method 1 Guitar Method 2

Recordings: Spiderfingers: For Today Spiderfingers: Freak of Nature Myka Nine: Citrus Sessions and Work In Progress Snoop Dogg: Paid the Cost to Be the Boss Nate Dogg: Brown Skin If I Ran the Circus (Original Ballet Score) the Last Unicorn (Original Ballet Score)

Gear: Michael Spalt- Hybrid Guitar Leo Scala: Delta Wing Guitar Mesa Boogie Recording Preamp and Poweramp into Mesa Boogie stereo 1-12 cabinets Pedals: Yamaha GW50 (for clinics and teaching) Line6 DM4, FM4, and DM4 Digitech Space Station MXR phase 60 Boss PS-2, RV-3, PS-5, and OD-2 Modified Dunlop Crybaby

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Rock Guitar with Jared Meeker "Spiderfingesr" Jared covers several essential techniques and musical phrasing ideas in his course Learn to Play Rock Guitar. His lessons are targeted toward intermediate players who want to add some serious skills. Jared takes a closer look at the Ionian and Mixolydian scales, adding expanded fingerings and improvising ideas. He discusses bending with vibrato, legato, strumming logic, fingerstyle, and musical phrase construction. Jared also demonstrates different ways of creating tones, including advanced one-finger tapping, sweep picking, and hybrid picking. Explore Latin rhythms, too.