Started: In 1969 - I was 13 years old

Styles: Blues, Jazz, Rock

Recordings: Really and Truly (1999

Gear: Brian Moore guitars Dimarzio Sonic Cord Sfarzo strings Llava cables Reverend amp

Lesson Text: String Bending with Harry Jacobson String Bending is one of the coolest and most effective ways of expression for guitar players. Harry's guitar lessons cover string bending in all variations. Did you know string bending can make your guitar sound like a harmonica? Harry will show you how it's done. For intermediate guitar players, Harry starts his guitar lessons with a finger-bending boot camp that will teach you how to develop strength, an important requisite for string bending. Discover precision bending; quarter-tone, double-stop and multi-note bends, and bends with right-hand tapping technique. At the advanced level, you learn how to play multi-target bends and how to apply vibrato to a bent note.