Started: Age 13 in 1983

Instruments: Guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, piano, harmonica, electric bass, a bit of laptop steel, ukulele, drums

Styles: Roots, rock/Americana, old time/bluegrass,celtic and blues fingerstyle

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) Beginning Acoustic Guitar Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Mastering Acoustic Guitar The Multi-Instrumental Guitarist (with Stacy Phillips) Beginning Mandolin

Recordings: Floating World (2001) Old Baggage, New Suitcase - Early Acoustic Songs Greg Horne"s Exploding Band Live at Hawkeye's (1999)

Gear: "working, recently repaired, or slightly malfunctioning gear"

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar With Greg Horne Greg's Southern charm is contagious, and it comes across in his guitar lessons. Based in Tennessee, Greg plays and teaches the music from that area, which includes Folk music from the nearby Appalachian Mountains. His acoustic and slide guitar lessons are geared toward intermediate and advanced players. Greg's Acoustic guitar lessons at the intermediate level discuss open tunings and the chords played in it, complete with an Irish tune. Learn open G and open D tuning and basic chords and scales. Apply these concepts to feature tunes, including an Irish tune in DADGAD tuning. For advanced Acoustic guitar players, Greg introduces Harmonics techniques, major and minor triads on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th string. Learn typical chord progressions in the Aeolian, Mixolydian, Dorian, and Phrygian mode, and learn to identify melody and simple chords. Discover how to play lead-backup style, melodic-lead style, and improvised lead-style, and how to harmonize a melody in open G. Greg's Slide guitar lessons at the beginner level discuss basic left-hand and right-hand technique, scales and licks in standard tuning, Open G tuning and a 12-bar Blues in Open G. His intermediate lessons will teach you some Delta Blues licks in Open G, along with tricks and special effects.