Started: Age 12 in 1983

Instruments: Electric guitar

Styles: Rock, fusion, pop

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) 7 string Guitar Rock Lead Guitar Solos Progressive Rock Guitar Jam: Rock Guitar

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar with Glenn Riley Glenn Riley's guitar playing is rooted in the virtuoso guitar school of the '80s. Glenn is known for flashy, eye and ear-catching performances. In his guitar lessons, however, he puts on his teacher hat and discusses the essential ingredients for Rock guitar playing. Beginners and intermediate players alike will benefit from his lessons. In his beginner lessons, he introduces left-hand damping and provides exercises using a variety of chords. At the intermediate level, you'll learn how to choose the right strings and pick. The majority of his other lessons are focused on building soloing skills, using a variety of soloing techniques. You will learn to play modes with licks, riffs and runs, and different arpeggio forms. You'll continue soloing with modes, and you'll learn some cool techniques, including legato, tremolo, and tapping. Expand your solo vocabulary with creating Aeolian phrases and soloing with minor modes. Develop fretboard control with movable chord exercises and minor pentatonic connecting boxes.