Started: Age 10

Instruments: Guitar

Books Publications: Articles on Mel Bay�s Guitar Session Web site (www.guitarsessi

Recordings: The Lightspeeder (German Schauss)(2006) Eso (2003) Musical: Hot Star Nebraska (2002) Acceleration 420 (German Schauss)(2001) Dancetracks (2000) Musical: Little (2000) Kribbelkoepp: ganz anders (1998) Underachiever, unexpected (1997) Donald Dark: Chez Guevara (1997) Donald Dark: leise? (1996) Donald Dark: D.A.R.K (1993)

Gear: Parker Guitars, Randall MTS Series, Maxon OD 808, Morley Power Wah/Volume, Rocktron Xpression

Lesson Text: Rock Guitar Songs with German Schauss Virtuoso German teaches you some classic Rock guitar songs at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. German examines the tunes "Hey You" by Pink Floyd and "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes. He breaks down each tune into its parts and explains the different challenges each tune poses. Get ready to learn some classic Rock Guitar songs!