Started: Age 9 in 1987

Instruments: p Electric, Acoustic, Glide Guitar, Voice, Bass, Drums, Baritone, Sax

Styles: Rock, Blues, Everything and Anything!

Gear: Hamer Guitars Fulltone effects Roland amps

Lesson Text: Rock Guitar Lessons With Geoff Hartwell Geoff's Rock Guitar Lessons are ideal for beginners who want to improve their technical skills and learn how to improvise. Geoff is a great teacher who will motivate you to become a better player. In his Rock Guitar Lessons for beginners, Geoff explores chromatic notes of the 5th and 6th strings; closed position A minor pentatonic; palm-muting techniques with power chords; alternate picking using sixteenth notes; open position progressions; improvisation- targeting chord tones; soloing over C7-F7 progression. After completing this course, you'll be ready to rock!