Started: Age 9

Instruments: Guitar, bass, keyboard

Styles: Blues/Rock, Funk, Jazz

Books Publications: Guitar Success: Your Solution to Learning and Mastering Guitar (Demand Books)

Gear: Brian Moore i8p Gibson Les Paul Fender Telecaster Taylor 510-CE Yamaha RGX Series Line 6 Products and Amplification D'Addario Guitar Strings Dunlop Picks & Accessories

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar With Eric Slone Eric Slone is a blues/rock guitarist from Long Island, earning his music degrees from Nassau Community College and SUNY at Old Westbury. Since then, he has taught hundreds of students at varying ages, levels and musical styles, including a position teaching grades 1-6. In his lessons, you will learn a wide range of concepts, such as blues forms and variations, popular grooves, soloing ideas, and altered and extended chords to name a few.