Started: Age 11 in 1985

Instruments: Guitar

Styles: Blues, Funk, Jazz

Books Publications: (National Guitar Workshop Publications/Alfred) Funk Styles for the Guitar

Recordings: With various artists

Gear: '72 Telecaster, Fender Deluxe Reverb

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Guitar With Dennis McCumber Dennis' guitar lessons are designed for the beginner and intermediate Blues guitar player. His clear and methodical way of teaching makes his lessons easy to follow. For beginners, Dennis discusses the main ingredients that go into Blues playing: open A7 and E7 chords, root 6 and root 5 barre chords, solo construction over I-IV-V chord progression, switching from open to 5th position, and how to construct a 12-bar Blues solo. You'll learn Blues signature techniques such as bending, double stops, and turnarounds, and some classic riff examples. At the intermediate level, Dennis expands on the subjects from the beginner level. You'll learn the major pentatonic boxes 3, 4 and 5, followed by position switching. Discover more two-string chords, the B9 chord in open position, and learn to play a 12/8 Blues in A major and minor.