Started: Guitar - Age 7 in 1991; Drums - Age 12 in 1996

Instruments: Guitar, drums, bass, voice

Styles: Rock, Acoustic, Jazz

Recordings: Alex Nolan 2002 Raise the Bar 2004

Gear: Les Paul Custom, Yamaha pacifica, Epiphone emperor DR electric strings, Elixir acoustic strings, Dunlop picks Peavey classic 50, Marshall 2x12 combo Morley wah Pedal, Digidesign (pro-tools 6.9), Shure microphones

Lesson Text: Learn to Play Rock Guitar With Alex Nolan Alex' lessons are for beginners who want to learn to play rock guitar and add essential skills to their playing. Her course covers subjects that will help you with soloing, playing chords and with comping, completed with instrument-specific technical exercises. Alex discusses strumming syncopation; 5th and 6th-string root movable chords; movable major scales; minor pentatonic scale system II, III, IV, and the major pentatonic scale, followed by a lesson on combining major and minor pentatonic scales. Discover sliding power chords, pedal tones with power chords, and chord embellishments. Practice pull-offs and hammer-ons, and combine slides and vibrato, and you're ready to rock.